Universal Smartphone GPS Car Projector

Universal Smartphone GPS Car Projector
Universal Smartphone GPS Car Projector
Universal Smartphone GPS Car Projector

Universal Smartphone GPS Car Projector

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Universal Smartphone GPS Ca...



Product Design:

Nowadays the majority of people have taken advantage of the smart phone for navigation. A large number of mobile devices have appeared attributed to its inconvenience to place. The HUD mobile navigation device uses the organic glass to prevent scratch and it projects navigation information into the panel using optical reflection. The design helps the drivers to observe the distant road conditions, which makes the navigation information more visualized and thereby improves the driving safety.

Method Of Installation:

1.The above parts should be installed into the main body by pressing

2.Cleaning the surface on which is to be placed. It is generally recommend to clean the surface with dipped cloth.

3.Join the base into the adhesive surface by exerting proper pressure to make the bonding effective

4.Place the phone on the stents anti-skid mat and adjust the organic glass board to the appropriate angle according to each individual visual angle.

5.The HUD Mobile Navigation Device can be placed in the center console and the best visual angle is 45°. It can be also adjusted according to individual preference.

6.Starting your car after opening the mobile navigation system and setting the proper route (now most of the navigation systems contain a reflection mode).


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